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In the process of creating this site, I made some graphics that I ended up not using. I'm making them available here, free of charge for personal or non-profit Web sites. A link back to this site would be appreciated. If you want to use these graphics on commercial sites or to include them in commercial collections, you must first. Please don't use any other graphics from this site other than the ones offered here. Thank you!

Lastly, do not link directly to these images, as doing so leeches my bandwidth. These images are free for you to use—my bandwidth is not. Download them to your own server, please.

Photoshop Graphics

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Map Mortice

A mortice from a 1607 map by John Norden. This might make a great navigation menu, if properly sized. It took me forever to outline it, so I hope someone can make use of it.

Format: Photoshop 6
Actual Dimensions: 428 x 768
Size: 846kb (zipped)


My free parchment images have been so popular, they've been causing the site to shut down due to exceeded bandwidth. So I have moved them over to a Flickr account, where you may download and use them free of charge.

The files are variations of this image, available in a range of sizes:

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Use the links below to access the size you want to download. From the main photo page, click on All Sizes, then Original, then Download Original Size:

800x600 1024x768 1280x720 1280x768
1280x1024 1600x1200 1920x1080 1920x1200

Background Tiles

Click on the thumbnails to see the images used as a background tile. To download the tile, right-click on the background and select "Save Background As." To return to this site's normal background, click anywhere on the parchment page. (Sorry, the previewer doesn't seem to work in Firefox or Netscape.)

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(not actual size)
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(not actual size)
Spanish Coins

I couldn't find a full-color doubloon seamless tile on the Web, so I made this one. It tiles beautifully and looks great, but I couldn't use it as a background and still have a drop shadow under my pages. Bummer! If you use it, please let me know where. It'll be gratifying to know it's being put to good use. :)

Wood Planks

The problem with most wood tiles is that they're too small, and when you tile them for a background, they create a nasty pattern that doesn't look like woodgrain anymore. These are large tiles, but the wait is worth it.

Dark Planks

The same planks, retouched to a darker brown color.

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(not actual size)
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(not actual size)
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(not actual size)
Tan Leather

I scanned a scuffed leather journal and made these rather large tiles so the grain would show clearly. Click to see the tile at 100%.


The same leather retouched to a darker brown.


Another version, this a deep red.

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