The Brethren of the Coast WebRing strives for quality, not quantity. There are other pirate-related WebRings available, but because the criteria for joining is so broad, their member sites can vary widely in quality and relevance of content.

Rather than duplicating that approach, the Brethren of the Coast WebRing strives to be an alliance of sites outstanding in content and execution. Thus, we will be somewhat selective in approving sites and may also solicit top-notch sites for membership.

What kind of content are we looking for? Sites relating to: historical pirates, fantasy pirates (those in "age of sail" settings), privateering, historical fiction relating to piracy, related vendor sites (coins, costumes, maps, etc.), educational sites (maritime museums with relevant exhibits, school pages, etc.), and so on.

We've developed a range of graphics to give you options for your page's color palette. If you find that none will blend with your design, please let us know and we can possibly add another choice to the selections that will better suit your pages. After your site has been accepted, you'll receive instructions on how to make the graphics below fully functional for your pages.


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Interested in joining? Just send the URL to your site to and it will be considered for admission to the ring.

Thanks for your interest!